Canestrini ciock

Cones and cups line

This line of sweet and salty wafer cups is suitable for the most varied applications in food and beverage. From the ice-cream, yogurt and pastry shop, to restaurants, catering, cafes, bars, wine bars and specialty shops. The wide range of item, in order of size, goes from the “conchiglia”, to the “canestrino”, to the “cestino”, to the “piattino“, to the “garibaldino”, up to the smallest “ercolino” (all available sweet and with chocolate or salty classic and salty flavored).

This line includes also our chocolate glazed products. This kind of processing, not only embellishes the products, but it makes it much more flexible, increasing its possibilities of usage. In fact, in addition to the more or less classic dessert prepared at the moment, the “ciok” line gives us the opportunity to prepare in advance and store them in the freezer until we really serve them. At the same time, focusing on opposite temperatures, with this line you can have the chance to face the moment of the ritual of coffee with a “not conventional cup”, properly designed to be eaten as a little dessert.

Tris di conchiglie


This is a very versatile supplement which can be used both salty and sweet. It has the classical aspect of the fragrant handmade shell-shaped waffle and is can be considered a real “cross-procut”, as it can be used to enrich appetizers, to enhance many main courses, to accompany second dishes and to delight desserts.

Our “conchiglia” is a waffle which can be flavored according to personal uses and tastes.

Cialde con caffè


A crunchy and delicate handmade wafer, with chocolate coating, which is the most delicious and genuine alternative to the traditional ritual of a cup of coffee. With the addition of milk and cream, it keeps company to those who have it alone and creates a joyful for thos who loves to share with someone else a sweet moment of relaxation.

Mix di coni

Rolled wafers

The line of “rolled wafers” is intented for all the ice cream producers and their customers, who want to create the necessary blend of quality between ice cream and waffle, able to enhance the delightful moment of tasting.

For the most creative chefs, we provide also a wide range of rolled wafer in their salty version.


Confezioni di cerchietti ciok

The packages line includes a whole series of items wrapped in convenient transparent take-away packs: from the classic waffle, to waffle and chocolate, to chocolate and puffed rice.

Since its first appearance on the market, this line has had a positive feedback from customers, who have appreciated both quality and taste, and even the versatility of the proposals.

Moreover, this line meets the need to take home a good supplement to be exploited in different occasions of conviviality. For example, it can be useful to much an handmade ice cream, enjoyed with the company of relatives or friends, can give the opportunity to offer a “not conventional coffee”, may be a tempting and simple mid-day break, or, why not, may represent a sweet and cheap gesture to those we love.

Conchiglia con baccalà e crostini

Salty line

Our salty line consists of the same items of the sweet one and it is possible both to order it in the classical and neutral waffle pod version, designed for a wide range of applications, and to choose the flavored version, accordin to the taste or the combination desired.

Gluten Free line

The 95% of our products is available also in the gluten free version. This line is at the top of the sector for its quality and taste. In fact, the processing system and the ingredients used allow us to obtain a product so close to the taste of the classical wafer that many customers without intolerances prefer it in virtue of a lower caloric intake.