About us

Scatoloni pronti ad essere spediti

Conak was born in 1991, from an idea of Fabio Brucciani, who thought that a good ice-cream needs an excellent cone to be served with. Since  1991 Conak produces high-quality wafer cones: it is a 100% natural, fresh and without preservatives product, which comes from the accurate selection of the materials and is improoved in the various production phases thanks to the expert competence of a high-qualified staff. A business philosophy which has contributed to its growth.


We take care of our customers from the order to the delivery, thanks to our staff and resources, in order to guarantee a better service, including the replacement of goods that arrives damaged or broken because of transport.

With its product, Conak offers a high-quality alternative of wafers and cones, because they believe that “ice-cream has to be good from top to bottom, without any bad surprise”.


From its success, Conak started to develop a lot of different kind of items, always keeping in mind their aim of creating  high-qualities, genuine and original products.

So, they created an entire line of “baskets” and “bins”, among which stands the “Garibaldino”, a product of wafer and chocolate with which it possible to taste and enjoy not only the coffee, but the “cup”, too.

A varied and original line which is continuously updated and renewed, and which includes take-away packaging, gluten-free products for ice-cream shops, catering and bars, and even a “salty” line, which can be flavored according to personal uses and tastes.

With this items, Conak wants to offer an high-quality alternative for food and beverage accessories, with genuine and informal products, which represents a luxury we can still afford.

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